We look at your exiting company profile and assist you to find the right direction for your company.

Marketing Consultants help businesses define and reach their goals by creating strategic plans / marketing plans.

We oversee the execution of these plans and monitor the process as they grow. What we offer during our consultation process:

  • Evaluating your current marketing / strategic plans in place and identify new opportunities for growth.

  • Improving your funnels –  how you drive your click-troughs, increase conversion rates, process to gather hot leads, refining your sales processes, social media funnels etc.

  • Customer trends – how to attract new customers and generate leads.
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising – in our new age of marketing everything has gone digital. We make sure that your digital presence is up to standard.

  • Different channel management – email marketing, social media, Google advertising, content marketing, blog posts & newsletters etc.

  • We think of ourselves as an addition to your team – someone to provide guidance and assistance with your company marketing.
  • Brand Strategy – establish your brand positioning and messaging to increase engagements and reaching different audiences by keeping to your brand promise.

  • Marketing budgets – formulating a budget designed for your business to ensure you get the most out of your spend.

  • We provide you the advice and tools you need to grow your company!

Why should I hire a Marketing Consultant?

We can help you grow your business, no matter the size (startup to big corporate) or progress. Marketing trends are changing so rapidly, with a marketing consultant you will stay updated with the latest trends and keep your business ahead of the rest. Having someone who has experience navigating through all the new technologically advanced platforms will make sure you and your company does not get left behind.

We help you to determine your target market, how to best communicate with them and what platforms to reach them on. Providing assistance by setting up a marketing strategy for both online and offline interactions with new and existing customers. We make sure your marketing message gets out – helping you to grow as a company or brand!

Outsourcing your marketing allows you as a business owner, founder or entrepreneur to focus on what you do best!

When should you hire a Marketing Consultant?

When you’re at the tipping point in your business cycle and need help to redefine your company goals and vision or if you just looking to expand your company and boost your growth with some new and fresh ideas – this is when you start looking for a marketing consultant!

Without the relevant experience in marketing, a business will struggle to break into new markets and attract new customers. A trusted marketing consultant will help to determine which strategy is best for your company’s specific needs, by analysing your competition and assisting you and your company to reach your goals.

Looking for a Marketing Consultant to assist your business growth?

Consulting packages available on retainer or per hour – depending on clients needs

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